Will WhatsApp Business be the next leap for the Digital Market?

08 Dec

Even the WhatsApp announced the concept of "WhatsApp Business" in October, it seemingly hasn't been popular and kept users on their tentative cravings for the enhancement. WhatsApp users as of July Statistics, show more than 1.3 billion monthly active users from the 1 billion mark from last year (2016). Facebook benchmarked Whatsapp ownership in 2014, and since then has brought alot of major enhancements, from what Jan Koum (Co-founder of WhatsApp) couldn't have managed to do on his own. With the current Security threats, top Social Media platforms which issue authenticity using verification methods (Blue badges, grey badges and the like), have initiated procedures to recheck verified Accounts , and have gone ahead to withdraw Verification from some well-known public figures like Richard Spencer & James Allsup.

Even though Twitter released a statement about the misjudgement of Verfication bu the general public as a Status-mark, many people across the world lean on these forms of verification as a bragging tool rather than appreciating the Authenticity component. WhatsApp rolled out in August a pilot program, "WhatsApp Business", targeted at verifying small-scale businesses that interact with their customers (At a cost of course) . The WhatsApp team mentioned earlier in September that the pricing scheme hadn't yet been confirmed but in the Beta Tests, small-scale businesses will get a Green badge at no cost, but it surely is not as simple to achieve lucidly.

The purpose of WhatsApp Business is to beam out offers, customer-query answering and most importantly being responsive to clients.

WhatsApp may not as well be free forever, as the Digital Marketing wave seems to be pushing internet-based applications on the monetary-cast.

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